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1 PS Sticker


1 year Single PRO





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5 PS Sticker


1 year Family PRO subscription



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Extra slim design

Pairs via iBeacon BLE 4.0

1 year guaranteed battery life


Easy to setup & use


To set up – pairing with smart phones

Press and hold the button for 5 seconds until the buzzer sounds. Choose your PS Sticker from the list and tap to pair.


To use – activating an alert

Just press the button 2 times quickly to start the alert. No need to use your mobile. It works from your pocket, or your bag.


A POLICE type alert is

automatically activated.


Do I need to replace, or recharge the battery in the PS Sticker?

There is no need to change the battery in the PS Sticker. We designed it waterproof and to last for a year, so our users don’t have to care about battery replacement or regular charging.


The battery consumption of the paired phone

The background services of the application will not drain considerably the battery of the phone.

Between the devices we are using Bluetooth BLE 4.0 standard to keep energy consumption low. The users’ phone will not start any communication towards the companion device unless it is required by the PS Sticker while an alert activation is under process.


Is the PS Sticker waterproof?

Yes the PS Sticker is designed to meet the IP67 certification standards. It is resistant against water ingress to a maximum of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.


What is the communication range of the PS Sticker?

The PS Sticker uses bluetooth low-energy (BLE) to communicate with the mobile application.

The range depends on the environment (indoor can be less, outdoor can be more), but an average estimation is ~15-50 meters.


How to avoid accidental alerts started by the PS Sticker?

We have tested several situations with our focus groups and figured the most trusted way is the rapid double press on the PS Sticker.

Within a 10 second timeframe our users can deactivate the alert before it reaches the predefined contacts, group members and the Sentinel Network.

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